Christian Pilz, Untitled 11 (landscape), 2019
Christian Pilz

Christian Pilz, Untitled 11 (landscape), 2019

Pencil on paper
Framed 36,8 x 66,7 cm

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Beautiful original fine line drawing. Unique. Walnut frame, museum glass.
Pilz' sometimes very large-format sheets show labyrinthine networks of lines that transport the viewer into representational worlds, but at the same time cast doubt on this representationalism. Although one can speak of architectural structures, they derive their regularity from themselves, entirely in the sense of a surreal pictorial world. Pilz draws in pencil. His delicate style merges with an almost meticulous and very slow way of working. The viewer finds what Eugen Blume calls "constructive madness" in the almost manic way in which Pilz completely marks his sheets, overlapping networks of lines, concretizing space and negating it at the same time. As soon as the viewer gains access to these worlds, disturbing signs and linear interweavings block the way in again. The reality of these drawings lies in themselves and unfolds in each individual line out of itself, beyond our conceptualization. (Text: Dr. Viola Weigel)

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